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Important message regarding the white and green power bar from the Energy Efficiency Kit

Out of an abundance of caution we are asking anyone who received a white and green power bar from our Energy Efficiency Kit to stop using it. This impacts customers who received a kit from our Renter Energy Savings Kit Program and the Community Outreach Program.

Is this a product recall?

This is a communication out of abundance of caution as we have received reports of power bars that are damaged, and the manufacturer is investigating to determine the cause.

How many reports?

We have been made aware of 4 instances of damaged power bars.

How many kits were distributed?

Over 20,000 kits have been distributed.

I have a black power bar, does this apply to me?

At this time it only applies to the white and green power bars but we encourage all customers to review the guidelines on power bar use.

Are the rest of the items in the kit safe to use?

At this time, we are only asking customers to stop using white and green power bars.

I have not had any problems; can I still use it?

Out of an abundance of caution we are asking customer to stop using the white and green power bars until our manufacturer can examine the damaged units.

Is there a risk of fire from these power bars?

There are many reasons why the power bars could become damaged like this and we will not know until the manufacturer completes their investigation. This is why we are recommending for people to stop using them right away.