“The renovation has made huge steps forward for reducing energy consumption and improving temperature control for this facility.”
Perry Eldridge, Manager of Technical and Energy Services

Are you Eligible?

We’re here to help owners and operators of commercial buildings reduce energy costs. The Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program provides incentives for energy audits, feasibility studies and eligible energy-saving upgrade projects.

Program Guidelines

Benefits & Savings

Up to $8,000 towards an audit to determine the potential for energy efficiency upgrades in a commercial building; and up to $1.25 million towards the implementation of the energy efficiency upgrades chosen.


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Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

Fundy Harbour Group, Saint John, NB

The energy audit helped identify the upgrades that would yield the best results and provide a roadmap for current and future projects. The city hall upgrades are being completed in phases, but energy costs have already been lowered by more than 50%.

Fundy Harbour Group Project

How it works


Schedule Your Energy Audit or Feasibility Study

Contact an approved Energy Management Service Provider (EMSP) listed on our website to schedule an energy audit or feasibility study. The EMSP will perform the audit or study, discuss potential projects with you, prepare a report report and submit an application on your behalf to NB Power. NB Power will review your application and email you a welcome kit.


The welcome kit will include directions on your next steps and includes the following documents: Program Agreement; Statement of Work form with instructions; Request for Payment with instructions; and a Direct Deposit Enrolment Form.


It is the Participant's responsibility to ensure that the professional selected has the necessary training, credentials and experience suitable for their business.


Submit Program Agreement

Return to NB Power the signed Program Agreement that was included in the welcome kit.


Submit Your Statement of Work to NB Power

Once you receive the audit report, you can submit your Statement of Work to NB Power.


Receive Approval to Get Started

NB Power will receive and review the completed Statement of Work and notify you when the projects have been approved. Once you receive the approval letter you can get started and proceed with implementing the recommendations.


Submit Request for Payment

At this point all the upgrades have been completed. Congratulations. Now it is time to request the incentive payment. Submit the Request for Payment form along with copies of invoices, receipts, etc.


Site Visit

A member of NB Power's staff may perform a site visit to confirm the installation of the energy efficiency measures


Receive Incentive Payment

Once NB Power has approved your Request for Payment, the incentive for your energy efficient upgrades will be issued within 60 days of NB Power approving the claim and invoices.

How to get started

Program Resources

Direct Deposit Enrolment

We are now offering a direct deposit option for all incentives, making it quick and easy for you to receive your payment!

Direct Deposit

Service Providers

Contact a qualified Energy Management Service Provider (EMSP) to schedule an energy audit.

List of service providers

Frequently Asked Questions

My energy audit has been done, what's next? When can I go ahead with construction?