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Is your household income less than $70,000 per year?

You may be eligible for free energy efficiency upgrades to help reduce your home energy use and costs.

Enhanced Energy Savings Program

Renovating your home?

Earn incentives when you make energy-saving renovations. Upgrading windows, insulation & heating can all be eligible. 

Total Home Energy Savings Program

Building a new home?

Access up to $15,000 in incentives for energy efficiency updates and enjoy added comfort and savings in your new home.

New Home Energy Savings Program

Renter Energy Savings Kit Program

Do you rent?

Free efficiency kits are available to help New Brunswicker renters save on their energy bills.

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Community Outreach Program

Free kits filled with energy-saving products to help lower energy bills.

Community Outreach Program

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Efficiency Insights

Everything you Need to Know About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can heat your home in the winter and cool and dehumidify it in the summer which makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient all year round.

Why Water Efficient Showerheads Work Better and Feel Better

Faucet aerators, water efficient shower heads, and overall bathroom water efficiency are key items to consider when trying to be more energy efficient and save money on your power bill.

Everything You Need to Know About Insulating Your Home

In this article we will discuss everything you need to know to ensure your home has adequate insulation, how insulation works, and the best types to use in various areas of your home.

Success Stories

“We’re able to manage energy costs so much better now!!”

See how New Brunswickers like the Raithby’s are saving with the Total Home Energy Savings Program

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Total Home Energy Savings Program

"We’ve already seen an incredible drop in our energy bill. Our home is easier to heat now and we’re all so much cozier."

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