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Are you Eligible?

The Enhanced Energy Savings Program targets homes in need of energy efficiency upgrades, especially those needing insulation and air sealing. These upgrades will help New Brunswick homeowners with an annual combined gross household income under $70,000, reduce their energy use and costs.

The program has been expanded to include customers who heat their home exclusively with oil and have an annual combined gross household income under $70,000. The former Low Income Energy Savings Program has been enhanced to reach even more New Brunswickers.


Benefits & Savings

The Enhanced Energy Savings Program will assist homeowners in New Brunswick to reduce their energy consumption and energy costs through targeted energy efficiency retrofits. Upgrades will be offered to the homeowner free of charge and will be completed by an NB Power approved contractor.

Upgrades could include the addition of basement, attic and wall insulation, ventilation for air quality or humidity issues and mini-split heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling.

Whether it’s drafty windows and doors, a cold basement, or a chilly attic, the Enhanced Energy Savings Program can help lower monthly energy costs with free efficiency upgrade.


How it Works

It’s easy to get started with the Enhanced Energy Savings Program. Follow these simple steps for free energy efficiency upgrades.



Complete our online registration form and provide the required documentation (a copy or photo of the most current income tax Notice of Assessment showing Line 15000 for each adult living in the home). 


Participation Approved

If you meet all eligibility requirements, you will receive an email or letter from NB Power confirming you have been accepted into the program.


Pre-Upgrade Evaluation

Within 2 to 3 weeks of confirmation of your participation, our Service Organization will contact you to schedule a Pre-Upgrade Evaluation. During this appointment, the Energy Advisor will look at all areas of your home to determine if your home can benefit from efficiency upgrades.


Efficiency Upgrades

The Upgrade Contactor will work with you for access to carry out the work. This may occur between 2 to 7 months following your Pre-Upgrade Evaluation. You will receive training on the use, operation and warranties of any new equipment and receive tips on how to maintain your home for optimum energy efficiency and savings.


Post-Upgrade Evaluation

An Energy Advisor will visit your home to conduct a Post-Upgrade Evaluation.


Maintenance and Repairs

If you receive a mini-split heat pump through this program, you receive a 10-year warranty for parts and labour. Three free deep cleans will also be provided within the 10-year period. 


Customers are responsible for regular filter cleanings and keeping the outdoor area around your mini-split heat pump clean and free of snow/ice build up.

Registration Form

Program Resources

Service Organizations

Service Organizations that deliver the Enhanced Energy Savings Program.

Service Organizations

HVAC Contractors

Approved HVAC contractors for electric baseboard and oil heating.

HVAC Contractors

Insulation Contractors

Contractors that deliver the Enhanced Energy Savings Program. 

Insulation Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Enhanced Energy Savings Program? How does it work?


Eddie G, Rollingdam, NB

“I can now work comfortably in my workshop every day, even on bitterly cold days.”

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