Business owners and operators face many expenses that they can’t control. From payroll to leases to operating costs, managing the bottom line is more challenging than ever. But, by taking simple steps to make your business more energy efficient you can save on expenses and decrease your monthly energy bill.

Not sure where to start? NB Power can help. The Business Rebate Program helps business owners like you, offset the costs of energy saving upgrades and equipment.

Get up to 25% back on upgrades. Eligible projects include: lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation, commercial kitchen equipment, compressors, and much more.

“We heard positive feedback right away – that the quality of lighting is better, so our welders and machinists are better able to see what they’re working on and it’s improved the quality of the end product.” Ian Flower, shop manager, Lorneville Mechanical

There’s something in it for everyone. It doesn’t matter who your energy provider is, how you heat your business, or whether your upgrades are big or small.

The Business Rebate Program can help you:

  • Reduce your operating costs,
  • Improve comfort for your employees and customers, and
  • Help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Are you eligible? Businesses must be located in New Brunswick and classified under Small Industrial and General Service 1 or 2 of NB Power’s rate schedule. (Similarly classified non-NB Power customers may also participate). Agricultural operations, including farms, are eligible, as are churches.

Eligible projects must decrease energy use and lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. A complete list of eligible upgrades can be found here.

Are you ready for your business to benefit from this program? It’s easy to apply. Simply complete the online registration form. (Businesses must have pre-approval and projects cannot be started until approved by NB Power program staff.)

Refer to the Program Guidelines for more detailed information including a list of eligible products and get started today!

"The rebate literally made the renovation possible. We couldn't afford to make these kinds of changes on this scale right away without the rebate. It would have been too costly, so the rebate took it from impossible to possible. The upgrades to the heating and lighting mean significant reductions in our monthly bills." - Ingrid Munroe, NB Box business owner.