When Greg Hemmings and his wife, Jessica, bought their dream home, they knew they were in for a major renovation. It was a very old house and needed a lot of work. Their vision for the home included making it as energy efficient as possible. Find out how they got money back for their energy saving renovations!

Get money back for renovations that make your home more energy efficient

If you’re planning home renovations, like the Hemmings, integrate energy saving upgrades into your project and save. Even if you don’t have renovations planned but want to lower your energy bill, energy saving upgrades can qualify for rebates. You’ll save on your monthly energy bills, and your home will be more comfortable.

Whichever way you come at energy saving upgrades, the Total Home Energy Savings Program is for you. The program offers money back for efficiency upgrades on windows and doors, insulation and air-sealing, high efficiency central heating systems, and more.

Home renovations can save you money on your energy bill

You’ll get double the savings. Program incentives will help offset the cost of your renovations. And thanks to your efficiency upgrades, you’ll enjoy long term savings on your energy bill.

How to get rebates for your energy saving renovations

The Total Home Energy Savings Program starts with a home energy evaluation. For $99, a Certified Energy Advisor will check your home from the attic to the basement to identify what upgrades will offer the most savings and efficiency benefits. The advisor will check your heating, cooling and ventilation systems, insulation levels, and measure air leakage. This evaluation will give you a benchmark for your efficiency rating.

What do you get with a home energy evaluation?

The home energy evaluation opens the door to incentives that are available to you. Your energy advisor will create a renovation upgrade report that identifies ways to make your home more energy efficient. These recommendations are prioritized to help you save the most energy and money. Think of this upgrade report as your efficiency road map. It will help you choose the best efficiency projects to complete, and in what sequence.

Your advisor will provide guidance on the projects you would like to complete. Energy advisors are knowledgeable experts. They'll help you through the process so you understand how efficiency upgrades work together. For example, making sure your attic and basement walls are properly insulated, before you invest in new windows or heating system.

“The evaluation gave us clear, measurable ways to save on energy to help us be more comfortable at home. So, at each stage of the renovation, we knew exactly what to do”

– Greg Hemmings, Total Home Energy Savings Program participant

The home energy evaluation is a key requirement of the program, and provides the baseline for your energy saving improvements. It’s a $600 value for $99. (To be eligible for the rebates you have 9 months from the date of your initial home energy evaluation to complete your work and schedule a final home energy evaluation.)

Once you have completed your efficiency upgrades you will schedule a final energy evaluation. You’ll be able to compare your final efficiency rating to your initial energy evaluation. It will give you a clear picture of the impact your upgrades have on your home’s energy use.

Make your home cozy top to bottom. Incentives in the Total Home Energy Saving Program cover Energy Star certified doors and windows, heat pumps and other high-efficiency heating sources (including wood, gas and electricity). Incentives also include water heating (including solar), air sealing, attic, wall and floor insulation, and more.

Plan your path to ongoing energy savings through our Total Home Energy Savings Program. Register today.

Q & A

Are there rebates for home renovations?

Homeowners are eligible for thousands of dollars in incentives when they complete energy efficiency upgrades to their home. To access the incentives home owners must register for the Total Home Energy Saving Program and complete a home energy evaluation.

How do I lower my energy bill/How do I save money on my power bill?

Making your home more efficient is the best way to lower your energy bill. Space heating accounts for 60% of your energy bill. Improving insulation, sealing air leaks and investing in a high-efficiency space heating source will help you save money.

Is an energy audit worth it?

An energy audit, or home energy evaluation, will give you a starting point for your energy saving renovations. It will identify the upgrades that will give you the best value and provide a step-by-step road map for making your home more comfortable. A home energy evaluation is also a requirement if you choose to take part in the rebate program.