Lorneville Mechanical, Saint John, NB
Upgrades completed: Replaced Metal Halide, Fluorescent (T8), and Compact Fluorescent Fixtures with LEDs
Incentive amount: $8,925
Investment: $37,018

Estimated annual savings: $4,110

Lorneville Mechanical specializes in construction, turnaround, maintenance and fabrication services in the large industrial sector across Canada.

Thanks to NB Power’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, the company’s east Saint John location was able to replace inefficient metal halide, fluorescent T8s and CFL lighting with LED fixtures and is expecting to see savings of over $4,000/year. Ian Flower, shop manager at the 11 Whitebone Drive location, says that the support offered through the Industrial Energy Efficiency Program’s Prescriptive Incentives helped make the business case to replace the shop’s lighting. Additionally, he says the benefits of energy efficient lighting have been numerous.

“Before the upgrades, dealing with burnt out lighting was an on-going hassle and costly,” he says. “We were renting a scissor lift and having to plan around shop work to replace lights. We don’t have to worry about that anymore.” On top of reduced maintenance time and costs, employees at Lorneville Mechanical also find the working environment much improved. “We heard positive feedback right away – that the quality of lighting is better, so our welders and machinists are better able to see what they’re working on and it’s improved the quality of the end product. Overall, we’re really pleased with the results of our lighting upgrade.”