Our Industrial Energy Efficiency Program accepts applications from qualified companies to complete energy audits and feasibility studies for our program participants.

Membership is open to contractors, consulting engineers, distributors, and other energy efficiency trade professionals working industrial settings. Businesses meeting the requirements outlined below will be featured on Trade Network Directory on this website to connect you with prospective clients. Once approved, you’ll be able to link to our page from your website or social media accounts to show your connection to the Industrial Energy Efficiency Trade Network.

Trade Network Eligibility

Minimum requirements to be part of the Trade Network:

  • Energy audits must be completed by a Professional Engineer (P Eng.), a Professional Technologist (P Tech), a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET), an Architect, or a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).
  • This individual must have at least two years’ experience evaluating energy systems in industrial facilities.
  • An “In-Training” designation of the professional qualifications above may conduct the audit, with a Trade Network approved supervisor to certify the work and sign the audit report.
  • To complete a feasibility study, the individual must have at least three years’ experience in their field of expertise in industrial facilities.

Application Process

To become part of the Trade Network to perform energy audits or feasibility studies for the Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, simply download and complete this application form. Send the completed form, along with a CV and any project-related material to demonstrate your energy audit and industrial subject matter experience, to IEES-SEEI@nbpower.com.

For reference, an energy audit is a comprehensive site wide audit that produces a list of energy efficiency measures. A feasibility study is a study focused on one specific measure to produce a business case. 

To speak with a member of our Industrial Energy Efficiency Team about joining the Trade Network, contact IEES-SEEI@nbpower.com.