NB Power expands Enhanced Energy Savings Program Contractor Network

After a thorough tendering process, we are pleased to expand our contractor network with the addition of qualified Service Organizations and Contractors. Customers accepted in the Enhanced Energy Savings Program (EESP) can now select both their preferred Service Organization and HVAC contractor from those operating in their geographic zone and based on the recommended heating system.

After an application is approved and processed, customers accepted in the EESP will be contacted by NB Power to select their Service Organization and Contractor. We cannot accept selections before an application is approved.

The following list of contractors applies only to the Enhanced Energy Savings Program and not other efficiency programs offered by NB Power. This is not an exhaustive list of contractors in New Brunswick, nor is it an endorsement of service. This list is simply those who applied and meet the necessary qualifications to support the Enhanced Energy Savings Program.

The Enhanced Energy Savings Program helps New Brunswick homeowners with an annual combined gross household income under $70,000, with targeted energy efficient upgrades, at no cost to the homeowner.

Should you wish to be notified for future opportunities please register your company on NBON.

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Enercheck Solutions

1 866 990-2499

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Greenfoot Energy Consultants

1 800 676-1663


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1 855 489-5305


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1 844 454-0454
506 454-0454