A home energy evaluation will give you a starting point for your energy saving renovations.

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The initial energy evaluation will take approximately two to three hours, depending on the size and age of your home. The advisor will take measurements and document existing insulation, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. They will also complete a blower door test to measure air leakage.

This audit goes into detail on your home's energy use. The advisor goes room-to-room to assess the whole house and may also do a thermographic scan. 

Once you've had your evaluation, you will receive a list of suggestions within four weeks. It will identify the upgrades that will give you the best value and provide a step-by-step road map for making your home more comfortable.

To be eligible for program rebates you have 9 months from the date of your initial home energy evaluation to complete your work and schedule a final home energy evaluation.

Finding the right advisor involves registering for the Total Home Energy Savings Program.

Registration is easy; just click here to access the form.

Once registered, a certified energy advisor will be in touch to book your evaluation.

What to Expect in a Home Energy Evaluation