Save Energy NB
écoénergie fièrement offert par Énergie NB

The participant must meet all eligibility requirements presented in this section.

Eligible Customers

  • Be classified under the Small Industrial, General Service 1, or General Service 2 Rate
    Schedule as per NB Power’s Rate Schedules and Policies. Agricultural buildings (including
    farms) and places of worship are also eligible.
    • Non-NB Power customers are eligible to apply but must be in a similar rate schedule
      or customer class as listed above.
  • Be located within New Brunswick.
  • Have authorization to approve installation of equipment at the Eligible Project Site.

Ineligible Customers

  • Buildings owned by the federal government.
  • Customers classified under the Large Industrial Rate Schedule.

Eligible Projects

An eligible project must: replace existing equipment, decrease energy use, and result in a reduction
of greenhouse gas emissions.